Order Guidance

How to commission your own pet portrait

  • The first step to having a commission completed is to make initial contact with me, you can do this is a number of ways:

    Completed the online contact form – here!
    Email me: gina@pawstopawtraits.co.uk
    Call me: 07599 197728

  • We will have a discussion about ideas, timescales and prices! Don’t miss my special WINTER 2020 offer! CLICK HERE!
  • Then, we review and select photographs for the drawing!
  • Once you are happy and ready to progress, I will send you a booking form, my terms and conditions (click here to read) and will require a 30% non-refundable deposit to secure your place on my waiting list and you will be given an approximate start date.
  • Once I start your portrait, I will occasionally send you updates (unless you wish to wait for the surprise!)
  • Full payment will be required once the commission is completed and approved.


All portraits are drawn from photos, so it is really important that you send the best possible. The better and more detailed the photo, the more amazing and more detailed your portrait will be.

Please send 3-4 photos of your pet. One, I will suggest as the main portrait photo and the remainder will be used for colour reference (if needed). Head and shoulder shots make the most popular portraits and these enable more details and character to be captured.

5 point photo check!

  • Ideally, please use a digital or SLR camera where possible.
    The higher the resolution, the better the photo.
  • Natural daylight is the best to show true colour
  • Remember to take photos of your pet at eye level
  • Ensure that eye, nose, mouth and ears are all in focus
  • Avoid lots of background

Just remember: Sharp, well lit (natural light) and ensure your pet to fills the frame!